Start Up Management

Reference: Decision Chart | Management Chart

What to see...

What to do...

Where to go;

Tourist Radio!

Background Information for Start Up Management Chart

Dear start up manager,

This is confidential information we utilize for a Tourist Radio start up in small and medium markets.

Choose Town
For reference, see the Decision Chart. This is our guide to decide where we should open up.

Post Help Wanted
See Help Wanted Poster. has been a useful rsource for HR.

Do Stakeholder Analysis
This means a comprehensive search for ALL Tourism stakeholders

Enter Stakeholder Data
Stakeholders are entered in a spreadsheet

Send out Proposal

Frequency Sweep
A night time and day time sweep of the FM band must be done to check for open frequency. See this chart.

Get Written Agreement

Choose Transmission Power
This is based on Desicion Chart.

Choose Transmission Location
This is based on terrain and location availability

Broadcast Application
This is done by Head Office

Order Transmission Equipment
This is done by Head Office

Organize Content
Based upon local stakeholders and events

Write Script

Create Audio Loop

Receive Broadcast Certificate
Usually 6 weeks from application.

Create Signage
See sample

Set Up


We apologize for the incompleteness of the support information for these tasks. This will improve over time. Your feedback will help improve this process.

Jim Ripley | (250) 863-8372