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Why advertise with Tourist

Tourist Radio is a niche FM radio station and website aimed specifically at tourists. Our base service is only $52 per season. (see ratesheet below)

Highly targeted listener base

Tourism Radio's listeners are visitors to the area who are looking for an efficient way to QUICK SEARCH where to stay and what to do and find SPECIAL OFFERS.

Tourism is Seasonal!

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Let our service intercept customers from your competitors by making first contact.

New Media Solution: Broadcast to Podcast

The majority of tourists have smartphones with direct website access or can simply wait to find a free wifi zone. We use YouTube Broadcast and HTML5 to make content compatible with all smartphones, iphones, and tablets.

Affordable and flexible advertising solutions

Tourist Radio has a selection of advertising options available and can tailor a package to suit your business and budget.

Please see our 2015 Ratesheet